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Cambodian Young Entrepreneurs achieve sustained competitive advantages and bottom-line growth.

Young Entrepreneurs are smart and innovative. They are key drivers of the economic engine that create jobs and wealth. As the president of this dynamic association, I set forth four key actions to pave the way and propel growth for Cambodian young entrepreneurs: 1. Assist members. This includes training, digitalization, access to finance, business matching, international reach, business referrals, representing their voices, among others. 2. Engage in policy advocacy with governments, development partners and other business associations for the long-term health and growth of the private sector. 3. Represent Cambodian young entrepreneurs on the international stages on equal footing. 4. Build a sustainable and well-functioning association. We have in place the Strategic Plan 2025, outlining our vision and mission. We have devised strategies and action plans to achieve our goals. We work as a team of committed men and women willing to be at service to our nation.

Have regionally competitive and resilient Cambodian SMEs fostered by innovative capacity and existence of enabling Policy, Business and Regulatory Environment.




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YEAC’s President 2009-2023